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DTH Hummer


Stunner 25 Hammer H 70100

2.5inch Hammer H 70 100 is a valved type hammer designed for drilling applications where small diameter and fast penetration rates are required. This hammer has a simple design and low air consumption. It is suitable for BR 2 shank and will also be supplied as per customer specification.


Stunner 30 Hammer H 90 400

3.5" Hammer H 90 400 is a valve-type hammer dedicated to 3.5 inch (90mm) – 4 inch (105mm) drilling. Robust and reliable as they are, 3.5 inch hammer series consumes less air.


Stunner 35 Hammer H 95 200

3 3/4" Hammer H 95 100 is a valve-type hammer that applies to 3 3/4 inch (95mm) – 4 1/2 inch (115mm) drilling. These hammers are valve less and are fast drillers. 3 3/4" hammers are designed for applications that require small diameter and fast penetration rates.

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