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Trolley Mounted Rig

Trolley Mounted Rig

DEW-600 is design after market survey from our clients. For this it required only 10’ feet (3mtr) drill pipe. By using DEW-600 you can drill up to max. 1000 feet (300mtr) in 4” (100mm) to 8” (200mm) drilling diameter. This product is driven by separate deck engine. So, we can improve its capacity by changes engine capacity. DEW-600 is mounted on various supports.


  • Trolley or trailer mounted
  • Mini truck mounted
  • Crawler mounted
  • It is easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency

Trolley Mounted Rig
4 1/2" dia bore holes to a depth of 200mtr(600ft) using 3" drill rod
6 1/2" and 8" dia in steps bore holes to a depth of 150mtr(500ft) using 3" drill rod
 Prime Mover:
Engine of 90HP for all opration.
6" 'C' channel structure
Max capacity- 8tons(17600lbs)
Height - 4.5 mtr (15ft)
Rod handling 3 mtr (10ft)

 Break out:

To open the drill joints hydraulic break out cylinder of 300mm stroke will be provided

 Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic pressure : 175 kg/ cm2 (2500psi)

Pull up speed : 6.9 mtr / min (23ft / min)

Pull up force : 3000kg (6600 lbs)

Pull down force : 2000kg (4400 lbs)

Pull down speed : 10.5 mtr/min (34ft / min)

 Reeving ration:


 Rotary head:

Miximum torque 146kg-mtrs(12740 inch-lbs)

 Rotary head speed:

0 To 120


Four hydraulic leveling jack for proper levling drill point with seprate lever

 Water injection pump:

80lpm water pump driven by hydraulic motor

 Optional attachment:

Hydraulic motor drive mud pump

 Suitable compressor:

450cfm@175psi; 600cfm@200psi

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